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Notice of Open Meeting

PPursuant to the provisions of the Rhode Island Open Meetings Act, R.I.G.L. 42-46-6 (b), the public is hereby notified that the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) will hold an open meeting on Friday, March 10, 2017 @ 9:00 A.M. in Hearing Room A, 89 Jefferson Boulevard, Warwick, Rhode Island for the purpose of discussing, deliberating and/or voting on the following dockets.  Because this is not a hearing, the PUC will not be accepting oral public comments. 

4647 – The Narragansett Electric Co. d/b/a National Grid - Review the record and rule on National Grid’s January 31, 2017 filing requesting to change of the Gas Procurement Incentive Plan (GPIP) year from a July to June reporting period to an April to March reporting period to align the incentive periods for the GPIP and the Natural Gas Portfolio Management Plan. National Grid also proposed minor language changes to the GPIP. 

4513 – National Grid – On its own motion, the PUC will review and rule on the continuing scope and parameters of the pilot metering proposal for municipal-owned streetlights (meter pilot) approved in Order No. 22413 based on the joint filing made by National Grid and the Municipalities on February 17, 2017.  On February 17, 2017, National Grid filed a Joint Report of National Grid and the Municipalities addressing areas of agreement and disagreement regarding future activities related to the meter pilot and identifying disputed costs.  Following the filing of the Joint Report, pursuant to PUC Rule of Practice and Procedure 1.16, PUC staff conducted a status conference to discuss the Joint Report.  Agreement on a short-term solution was reached whereby the parties agreed that (1) it would be appropriate for National Grid to continue with Phase 1, Stages 1 and 2 of the meter pilot, including additional costs that will be incurred; (2) that it would be reasonable for the PUC to consider suspending the effectiveness of the approved meter pilot as it relates to further work on the Information System Studies; and (3) that it would be reasonable to defer ruling on the propriety of all costs associated with the meter pilot and the reasonableness of costs disputed by the Municipalities following the conclusion of the Phase 1 activities.  The PUC will review and act on the proposed solution.

4631 – National Grid – Review of the record and rule on National Grid’s November 30, 2016 proposed amendments to the Net Metering Tariff to: (1) implement the statutory provisions regarding the Community Remote Net Metering (CRNM) Pilot (Pilot), which went into effect on June 27, 2016; (2) clarify the way in which the Company applies net metering credits to customer bills; and (3) simplify and clarify certain tariff provisions.

4682 – National Grid – Review of the record and rule on National Grid’s 2018 Electric Infrastructure, System and Reliability (ISR) Plan and associated ISR factors.  This docket is on the agenda in case there is a not a bench decision at the March 9, 2016 hearing.

4556 & 4605 - National Grid – Review of the record and rule on National Grid's February 22, 2017 Motion to Amend the 2016-2017 Renewable Energy Standard (RES) Procurement Plans so the Company may use renewable energy certificates from the Renewable Energy Growth Program to satisfy its RES obligations for standard offer service customers. 
Gas Marketers - Review and rule on applications for authority to transact as a gas marketer as submitted by the following companies:

  • 2379(W3) – Eisenbach Consulting, LLC
  • 2379(X3) – Town Square Energy, LLC

2262(U21) – Total Access Telecom, Inc. – Rule on the Company’s request to cancel its authority to do business as a telecommunication service company.

Luly Massaro
Commission Clerk
March 7, 2017 – 4:30 P.M.







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