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Billing Adjustments for Customers Leaving Standard Offer

As of July 1, 2015, the Commission has eliminated the Standarrd Offer billing adjustment.

For bills issued prior to July 1, 2015, you may see an additional charge or a credit when you leave Standard Offer, The six month residential Standard Offer rate is comprised of an average of the underlying rates for each individual month. Consequently, if the underlying rates were higher than the six-month average at the time you left Standard Offer, you would have to pay an additional charge for the actual cost of that commodity consumed in that period. If the underlying rates were lower, you would receive a refund. (Link to current underlying monthly prices for National Grid's Standard Offer)

National Grid's tariff language addresses this issue:

Customers in the Residential Group and customers in the Commercial Group billed under the Fixed Price Option who leave Standard Offer Service to receive Generation Service from a Nonregulated power producer shall be subject to a billing adjustment for the time they were billed under the Standard Offer Service rate during the current pricing period. Specifically, the billing adjustment shall be based on the difference between the Standard Offer Service rate in effect for the current pricing period and the actual monthly contract rates for the same period, multiplied by the Customer's kilowatt-hour usage during the same period. The billing adjustment can be either a charge or a credit.

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